What is the meaning of keys on the computer key board?

Answer The keyboard is the main data-entry device for a computer. Understanding the meaning of the keys on a computer keyboard helps a user work smoothly and efficiently.LettersA computer keyboard include... Read More »

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What is the meaning of a condo board's right to peremptorily remove an office of the board?

Peremptory means something definite and absolute, final and not entitled to delay or reconsideration. By a vote of the majority of the officer of the Board of Directors of the condo board, they can... Read More »

Why are computer keys laid out the way they are?

The QWERTY keyboard layout was designed so that successive keystrokes would alternate sides of the keyboard so as to avoid jams in manual typewriters. First designs of manual typewriters using keyb... Read More »

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What do the F keys on my computer keyboard do?

Here is a brief rundown of the function key and what they can do for you. F1As a throwback to DOS days, you will find that the F1 key will often bring up a help menu. If you press F1 while working... Read More »