What is the meaning of kente cloth?

Answer Dating back to the 12th century in Ghana, kente cloth was originally woven only for kings, queens and people of stature in Ghanaian society. The king--known as asantehene--controlled the production... Read More »

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What is cheese cloth?

Cheesecloth is an open-weave cotton fabric with a wide variety of modern uses. As its name would indicate, cheesecloth was originally used for making cheese--specifically in separating curds from w... Read More »

What is hardware cloth?

Hardware cloth is made out of metal. It is used to make screens for windows, screen doors and fences for gardens. It is usually made out of steel and put through the galvanization process to preven... Read More »

What is terry cloth?

Samuel Holt first manufactured terry cloth, often used to make towels, bathrobes and slippers, in 1848. The softness and absorbency make terry cloth a popular material for baby clothing.MaterialAcc... Read More »

What Are Alternatives to a Dust Cloth?

Although dusting cloths are useful for dusting, they are not the only option for removing unwanted dust that looks unsightly, affects function of some equipment and adds allergy pollutants to the a... Read More »