What is the meaning of job discrimination?

Answer Job discrimination is a complex issue involving a variety of conditions and possible infractions. However, it's important to know what qualifies as job discrimination before making any claims to yo... Read More »

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What is job discrimination?

Job discrimination occurs when an employee receives unfair or unfavorable treatment in the workplace as a direct result of her race, disability status, gender or religious beliefs. Federal law proh... Read More »

What is Age Discrimination in the Employment Act?

Older people are entitled to fair treatment in the workplace under federal and state laws prohibiting age discrimination.Federal lawsThe Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 prohibits discr... Read More »

What is age discrimination in the workplace?

Age discrimination in the workplace is legally defined as any action by your employer that treats you differently because you are 40 or older. Age discrimination is illegal under federal and many s... Read More »

What Constitutes Age Discrimination?

In social settings, you might tease a friend about his age. However, jokes like this in the office may be considered age discrimination.