I like Jennifer Lopez. Do You?

Answer No, she cant sing or act, I wish she would go away

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What is the origin of the name Jennifer?

The name "Jennifer" is of Welsh origin, according to It translates into "fair one" and comes from the name "Guinevere." "Jennifer" is often shortened into the nickname "Jenny" o... Read More »

How to Look Like Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez sings, acts, dances and runs her own businesses. Her style is distinct and, to her fans, she always looks well put together. Follow these steps and maybe you can look like Jennifer L... Read More »

How to Look Like Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston is very beautiful and looks as young as she did ten years ago. Looking like Jennifer Aniston isn't that difficult if you have the right tools and regimen. What is great about Jenni... Read More »

Do you like Jennifer Lawrence?

BIG YES.I want to share why I do...-She's undeniably attractive. She's so attractive that some guys are being totally disrespectful already. If you know what I mean (like the other answer somewhere... Read More »