What is the meaning of inlet?

Answer The word inlet has several different meanings. It is a medical term, a nautical term and a verb. Although the word's definitions all share a common origin, usage can be very different.OriginThe wor... Read More »

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What is the meaning of water inlet of washing machine?

It means where the water will be coming from. So you attach the water hose from tap to water inlet of the washing machine so that it can draw water and use it in the machine.The water outlet is whe... Read More »

What size is an oil filter inlet?

Oil-filter inlets come in different sizes. Most oil filters have not one but several oil-inlet holes. The dimensions and number of these holes depends partly on the brand of the filter. These holes... Read More »

What to do with dishwasher inlet in garbage disposer when dishwaser is removed?

You paid an annual percentage rate of approximately 57.4%. Working through the math, the dishwasher was $250 if bought outright. You paid $20 at the time so you were financing $230 ($250 - $20) an... Read More »

Where is Sebastian Inlet?

Sebastian Inlet is an ocean cut through the barrier island off the eastern coast of Florida. The inlet, which is flanked by a state park of the same name, is located approximately 15 miles south of... Read More »