What is the meaning of infinite?

Answer The word "infinite" has far broader implications than the theological and philosophical context in which it's often used. Infinity is an important concept in mathematics, engineering and logical th... Read More »

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What is an infinite dilution?

The concept of infinite dilution in chemistry is used to study how substances are dissolved in solvents. Infinite dilution is an extrapolation method that tests a solution's properties to see if th... Read More »

What is an infinite loop?

A non terminating infinite loop is usually considered an error.However there are some applications which are infinite loops on purpose. The are usually servers for event driven applications. Consid... Read More »

What Is an Infinite Cycle?

A cycle or loop is an algorithm that causes a computer to repeat a set of instructions until a condition is met. Sometimes, a cycle is defined in such a way that there is no operating condition, or... Read More »

What Are Infinite Numbers?

Infinite numbers, in short, are numbers that go on forever. It is difficult for a human being to "wrap his brain" around the concept of going on forever; however, by definition, infinity can neithe... Read More »