What is the meaning of impounding?

Answer Impounding is the seizure of an item, such as an automobile or money. The most common reason for the seizure of an item is a law violation.AutomobilesAutomobiles are commonly impounded for traffic ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of By the way?

What is the meaning of dsl?

Since the turn of the millennium, several different types of Internet connections have come into the home, and you may have trouble distinguishing them. DSL is one such type of connection.Defining ... Read More »

What is the meaning of DNS?

DNS stands for domain name services or domain name system. Both are acceptable. A domain name will utilize domain name services so that traffic to your website and email are properly routed. The DN... Read More »

What is meaning of 143?

seems everyone has answered, yes it is "I LOVE YOU" and it is:1- I4-LOVE3- YOUit came from the days of used to be able to page someone and instead of leaving a message you could type i... Read More »