What is the meaning of gross profit margin?

Answer Gross profit is the difference between sales (or revenues) and the costs of goods sold (COGS). These can both be found on the income statement in either the annual report or 10K. "Margin" is anothe... Read More »

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How to Calculate Gross Profit Margin?

Gross profit is one measure of a company's efficiency, a comparison of the cost of goods sold to the income derived from the goods. Gross profit margin is an expression of this number as a percenta... Read More »

What Causes the Decline in Gross Profit Margin?

A business owner must watch the profit margin of the company in order to achieve the primary goal of all businesses: growth. The consumer market is the largest factor, but others include the value ... Read More »

The Typical Gross Profit Margin for a Business?

The gross profit margin in business is a common formula that allows business owners and managers to determine what portion of sales goes toward profits. Each business industry has a typical gross p... Read More »

How do I calculate gross profit margin using Excel?

Setting Up the Excel SheetType "Revenues" in cell A1. Type "Cost of Goods Sold" in cell A2. Type "Gross Profit Margin" in cell A3.Typing the Information and FormulaType the company's revenues in ce... Read More »