What is the meaning of generic?

Answer The term "generic" can be both a noun and an adjective. As a noun, "generic" refers to something without a brand name or a type of wine that has a mix of types of grapes. The more common use of "ge... Read More »

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What is a generic usb hub?

A generic USB hub is simply a term for a hub not made by a name-brand company such as Microsoft or Belkin. Hubs for USBs are similar to power strips for electrical appliances. They allow you to plu... Read More »

What are generic medicines?

Generic medicines are similar to brand name medicines in that they are both manufactured with the same ingredients, dosage information and usage. The only difference between generic and brand name ... Read More »

What Is the Generic for Seroquel?

The generic name for the drug Seroquel is quetiapine fumerate. According to the Food and Drug Administration, AstraZeneca manufactures all approved forms of quetiapine in the U.S.

What is generic medicine?

Choosing generic medication over name brand can save both the consumer and the insurance company a lot of money. But for many, the difference between generic and name brand drugs is unknown.Identif... Read More »