What is the meaning of gemstones?

Answer A gemstone is organic material, or a mineral or rock that is used in making jewelry. A diamond is a gem and a type of gemstone that first must be cut, then polished, before you can appreciate its f... Read More »

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What Are Precious Gemstones?

Precious gemstones, also referred to as precious stones or just gems, are naturally occurring stones that are composed of mineral crystals, or crystalline. More than 40 varieties of common precious... Read More »

How to Dig for Fossils and Gemstones?

Digging for your own fossils, gemstones, or other artifacts is fun, educational, and good exercise.

Are diamonds gemstones?

The Book of Diamonds defines a gemstone as a stone which, when cut and polished, has the necessary beauty and durability to be used as jewelry. Diamonds are widely used as jewelry and are considere... Read More »

Are gemstones renewable?

Renewable resources refer to organic natural resources of the earth that will re-propagate themselves faster than they can be consumed. Therefore, minerals and gemstones are not considered to be re... Read More »