What is the meaning of fuzzy logic rice cooker?

Answer Fuzzy logic rice cookers use computer technology to adjust their cooking processes for different types or consistencies of rice, ensuring that users get the desired result every time.DefinitionA ri... Read More »

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What is fuzzy logic in washing machines?

Fuzzy logic is used in many appliances and electronics to improve efficiency, conserve energy and make them perform better overall. Washing machines are one of the best examples of how fuzzy logic ... Read More »

How Do I Steam Vegetables at the Same Time as Cooking Rice in the Aroma Steamer and Rice Cooker?

Aroma rice cookers are versatile, multipurpose kitchen appliances suitable for family households and college students. The rice cookers use steam to cook food; when water is heated just above the b... Read More »

Can you cook rice using chicken broth in a microwave rice cooker?

You can cook rice using chicken broth in a microwave rice cooker. You can also use water or juice. For a healthy alternative to white rice, you can also try using brown rice instead.References:Univ... Read More »

How to Cook Brown Rice and Lentils Together in a Rice Cooker?

Lentils and brown rice are two cheap, nutritional food items. However, many people have no idea how to cook them because they are not a traditional food in the Western world. They are both easy to ... Read More »