What is the meaning of electronic ballast?

Answer A ballast is a component used in a light. As of 2010, researchers are working on ways to save energy through new technologies used in the lamp-making process. High-intensity discharge (HID) lightin... Read More »

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What Is an Electronic Ballast?

A ballast consumes energy but provides the means for electricity to run through the circuits to a fluorescent light bulb. An electronic ballast is much more efficient than the older magnetic ballas... Read More »

The Advantages of Electronic Ballast?

Electronic ballasts are fluorescent lighting systems used to produce different lighting effects. Electronic ballasts limit the flow of light randomly to produce beautiful lighting effects. Electron... Read More »

What is a HID ballast?

A HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamp ballast is a kind of lamp that produces electrical light by using an arc placed between electrodes made out of tungsten and kept in a transparent fused quartz ... Read More »

What is a lighting ballast?

A lighting ballast is a device that is employed in many different types of light bulbs to regulate input power. Currently, there are two types of lighting ballasts.FunctionThe function of a lightin... Read More »