What Are Two Forms of Writing Diction?

Answer Diction refers to the words we choose --- vocabulary --- and the way we choose to arrange them --- syntax. "The St. Martin's Handbook" instructs us to consider the purpose of the piece we're workin... Read More »

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What Are Loaded Diction & Syntax Techniques?

Diction and syntax are two of the key elements a writer uses to create her individual style and establish the tone of any given piece she writes. Her diction is her word choice---which vocabulary s... Read More »

How to Learn Correct Diction?

According to, you can achieve proper diction by speaking with clarity and enunciating each syllable and word properly. Having correct diction can make you sound more intelligent ... Read More »

Phone Etiquette for Diction?

Whether you make telephone calls for business or pleasure, a phone conversation is more pleasant when the person you are speaking with exercises appropriate etiquette for diction. Phone etiquette f... Read More »

Theater Games to Learn Diction?

For actors, diction is the act of speaking clearly and understandably, so that the audience hears what is said without confusion or straining. Games to develop an actor's ability to articulate clea... Read More »