What is the meaning of democrat?

Answer The United States political arena is primarily made up of a two-party system. The Democratic Party is one side of that equation. There are defining attributes to both parties that make them distinc... Read More »

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What is a lunch bucket Democrat?

Those voters who once carried lunch buckets or pails and also voted with the Democrats were termed "lunch-bucket Democrats". These party voters were working class folks like miners, steel workers a... Read More »

What makes a person a Democrat or a Republican?

The Democratic and Republican parties are the primary forces in America's bipartisan system. While third parties exist and even thrive, most Americans identify themselves as either Democrats or Rep... Read More »

How to Be a Democrat?

No one can teach a person "how to be a Democrat." There is no set of rules for supporting one certain political party over another. In fact, many people who consider themselves Democrat may have le... Read More »

Is Jay Leno a Democrat?

Jay Leno says, "I'm not conservative. I've never voted that way in my life."