What is the meaning of deferred revenue?

Answer Deferred revenue is seen as a liability that will in the course of time accrue to be an asset. There are specific provisions in all accounting principles for handling deferred revenue. Revenue is d... Read More »

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How to Account For Deferred Revenue?

Knowing how to handle deferred revenue is an important part of the accountant's job. Cash paid to a company for goods or services not yet rendered must be treated as deferred revenue; it cannot be ... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of Gross Revenue?

Every business that is run for profit has the same basic goal: to sell goods or services to customers at prices that bring in more money than the company spends to create or offer goods and service... Read More »

How to Get a Job That Is Deferred?

Employers may close job openings as fast as they offered them, much to the surprise of those who applied for them. It seems counterproductive to offer a job that you are not going to really hire fo... Read More »

What is a deferred annuity?

A deferred annuity is one of several types of annuities available for individuals to purchase. There are tax and contribution advantages that will accumulate money faster within this type of financ... Read More »