What is the meaning of computer peripherals?

Answer A computer peripheral is a piece of hardware added to a computer to expand the functionality of the computer. Sometimes referred to as add-ons, many different types of computer peripherals are avai... Read More »

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What is the difference between computer hardware and peripherals?

How to Maintain Computer Peripherals?

Within the context of personal computing, the term "peripheral" refers to devices that connect to computers through external ports, such as printers, audio speakers, web cameras, routers, modems, c... Read More »

2 computers w/ 1 monitor Switch peripherals?

KVM switchK = keyboardV = VideoM = mouseThey range in price depending on how many computers you want to hook together. Start at about $20…

What is the meaning of the acronym ISO in a computer?

The acronym ISO means "International Standards Organization" and, according to, refers to the organization which defined this type of computer file. An ISO file is an organizing struct... Read More »