What is the meaning of claims in the mining industry?

Answer A mining claim is a portion of federal public mineral land which a person obtains for the purpose of mining valuable materials from it. These claims may be bought, sold, staked, willed, leased or i... Read More »

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What is the meaning of SOP in the BPO industry?

SOP is a common abbreviation in the business world for standard operating procedure. An SOP describes a set of steps to take to complete a task in a given business. This can be a text document, or... Read More »

Who decides extending claims period time for home damage in large hail storms currently 1 year but not enough time for contractors to handle all potential claims?

That depends. If the renter has their own flood insurance then the renter could certainly file a claim on it they have a flood loss. If your asking can the renter file a claim on the Property owne... Read More »

What is a lode mining claim?

A lode mining claim, according to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, is placed on any mineral deposit found amid solid stone. Mineral fissures, veins and lodes located in such an area are eligible... Read More »

What is a data mining software?

Data mining software is a program that identifies and extracts patterns from data using methods such as statistical-based, pattern-mining and subject-based data mining. Data mining software can be ... Read More »