What is the meaning of claddagh rings?

Answer The claddagh ring, a gold or silver band featuring two hands clasping a crowned heart, serves as a token of love or friendship. Because it is similar to jewelry with religious symbolism, many consi... Read More »

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History of Irish Claddagh Rings?

Claddagh rings have a long and storied history. The popular piece of jewelry is known for its iconic appearance: The centerpiece of the ring is two hands cradling a heart that wears a crown. It is ... Read More »

Claddagh Celtic Symbol Meaning?

Named for a fishing village near the city of Galway, the Claddagh is an Irish ring traditionally given as either a love token or a wedding ring. Although the ring design dates to the 18th century, ... Read More »

What is the meaning of rings in marriage?

At most modern wedding ceremonies you will hear the words, "With this ring, I thee wed." The ring has been a part of marriage since ancient times. Although the meaning has changed since then, the r... Read More »

What's the meaning of rings on men's fingers?

Men wear rings on their fingers for many reasons. The most common is a wedding ring, but men also wear rings to commemorate sports victories, high school or college attendance, or purely for fashio... Read More »