What is the meaning of chevron?

Answer With an origin in the Middle Ages, the chevron symbol is omnipresent in our lives. The classic upside down V-shaped symbol, especially used as a symbol of rank on military or police uniforms, is al... Read More »

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What episode of Stargate Universe when you learn the 9th chevron meaning?

What is Chevron Techron?

Chevron's Techron concentrate fuel additive is a popular commercial solution for many fuel-system problems with older automobiles. Chevron claims that Techron gasoline reduces build-up in engines ... Read More »

Who is the founder of Chevron?

The company that became Chevron began as Pacific Coast Oil, formed in California in 1879 by Colonel Charles Felton. Pacific Coast Oil was later acquired by the Standard Oil Company. Chevron, in 200... Read More »

Who founded Chevron?

Chevron was created by the federal government's breaking up of Standard Oil for antitrust violations in 1911. Standard Oil was founded by J.D. Rockefeller. Standard Oil was broken up into 34 new co... Read More »