What is the meaning of bumper crop?

Answer A bumper crop initially referred to an especially large agricultural bounty, but the phrase has since broadened in meaning. A bumper crop can now refer to a number of things.AgricultureWithin agric... Read More »

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What is a bumper crop?

People use the expression "bumper crop" to refer to an unusually bountiful harvest. At one time, "bumper" simply meant large. The expression sometimes is expanded to convey large amounts in a non-a... Read More »

Instagram question i find it hard to use the crop on instagram to crop my picsany suggestions?

You can go to the app store and search "Crop" and a bunch of cropping apps will show up. You can find which one you like & maybe it will be easier to crop them! You can crop them before you put the... Read More »

If you're driving a car and you;re backing up and touch someone's bumper with your bumper should i call police?

As a licensed insurance agent in property and casualty, you are only to contact the police if you are in an accident that has more than a 1000.00 worth of damage otherwise you are to exchange infor... Read More »

What is a 100,000 mile bumper to bumper wrap car warranty?

One of the most important factors a new-car buyer will want to consider is what kind of warranty comes with the vehicle. With new cars today having so many more parts, especially electronics, it is... Read More »