What is the meaning of breaking wedding glasses?

Answer The breaking of glass at the end of a wedding is a Jewish tradition that holds a variety of symbolism to its past. The way it is done also differs and holds various meanings.Religious SymbolismThe ... Read More »

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Are my glasses breaking if there is two little cracks?

Well, obviously there are not supposed to be cracks in your lenses, so yes they are breaking. They could be fine for years, or the cracks could widen and spread. You may want to get a replacement p... Read More »

What does the breaking of Piggy's glasses mean?

It signifies the end of knowledge and knowledgeable rule on the island. The island is now going to be controlled by ignorant people.

How to Prevent From Breaking Your Glasses?

How to avoid breaking or damaging your glasses

What are some good excuses for breaking glasses!?

I don't know about England but the frames we give to people that included in government programs in the US are pretty much crap. Your mom didn't pay extra to get a better frame and it performed as ... Read More »