What is the meaning of asbestos?

Answer Asbestos is a general term given to naturally-occurring materials that were once widely used as a building material, explains the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The material i... Read More »

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ASBESTOS....should my hubby knock down shed full of asbestos?

DON'T DO IT!!! That would send asbestos buy the load into the air for him to inhale. He should tell his brother to contact a contractor to remove it properly or he could be seriously risking his he... Read More »

What is asbestos exposure?

Asbestos are a group of naturally occurring minerals that have been used in many industries, including insulation, construction, and roofing. High levels of asbestos exposure can increase your risk... Read More »

What is asbestos removal?

Asbestos removal means the removal from a building of all materials containing asbestos, a potentially hazardous substance which can lodge inside the body and lead to health problems like pneumonia... Read More »

In What Products Can Asbestos Be Found?

Asbestos is a carcinogenic material that causes debilitating lung disease in those who inhale the material's fine particles. Asbestos had many good properties, such as exceptional fire resistance, ... Read More »