What is the meaning of an organizational structure?

Answer Companies use organizational structure to define the flow of work, their superior-subordinate relationships and the hierarchical structure followed in the business. Using this structure, the entire... Read More »

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Organizational Chart--Tall Structure & Flat Structure?

Companies use the organizational chart to pictorially depict their prevailing hierarchies, work flow and authority-responsibility diagrams. Small companies use flat organizational charts and large ... Read More »

What is organizational structure?

Organizational structure is not only an executive and managerial hierarchy, it is also the way that a company can effectively communicate. Without structure in place, the transfer of ideas and info... Read More »

What Is a hierarchical organizational structure?

Hierarchical organizational structure is a pyramid-style structure where various functional areas (sales, customer service) report to a central idea or a central person (such as a CEO). It has vert... Read More »

What is the purpose of organizational structure?

Organizations use an organizational structure to define the type of hierarchy to be followed, superior-subordinate relationships, scope and extent of control, departmentalization and flow of work.F... Read More »