What is the meaning of an ohm meter tester?

Answer Ohmmeters measure the resistance of an object. More specifically, they measure an object's resistance to the flow of electricity. Insulators almost completely block the flow of electricity, and con... Read More »

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How long do I have work as a beta tester to become an official game tester?

Beta testing and game testing are two completely different things. Beta testing is not a trial period to becoming an official game tester. Official game testers require college degrees and are expe... Read More »

What Is a Spark Tester?

A spark tester is a device used to test if the ignition system in a vehicle is working. Specifically, it is used to test the spark plug wires to see if they are sending the appropriate charge to th... Read More »

What Is a pH Tester for Soil?

The quality or fertility of soil is a key predictor of whether a certain plant will grow successfully or wither and die in that soil. Fertility is determined by many factors, such as climate, nutri... Read More »

What Is a Cologne Tester?

More than 800 new fragrances launch each year, and most of them fade away as quickly as they arrive. Cologne testers play a key role in promoting a fragrance after its debut. Does... Read More »