What is the meaning of an itchy nose?

Answer An itchy nose can be annoying but it rarely is the sign of anything serious. In most cases, an itchy nose is the sign of a cold or an allergy.FunctionWhen you are having an allergic reaction, your ... Read More »

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How can I fix dry nose and itchy anus?

Some kind of gel in the nose (Vaporub or Vaseline), and better cleaning after using the bathroom.

Itchy nose driving me mad, help?

UK answer - do you know that this is a sign that you work long hours in a very warm environment - are you a chef?Get out for fresh air more often?

Bumps in mouth and itchy nose?

Maybe still an allergy, so what you have to do is seeing an doctor for ear, nose and throat to get help. He can tell you exactly what it is and how you can get rid of it..

What is the meaning of a ring in the nose?

Piercing is a common part of modern culture that has a long history behind it, including special religious and cultural significances. Nose piercing is one such ancient tradition that people still ... Read More »