What is the meaning of alloy?

Answer Alloys are metallic objects composed of at least one metal and one or more different elements, according to San Jose State University. Alloys are used in the construction of buildings and many of o... Read More »

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What is a gold alloy?

An alloy is a fusion of different metals. A gold alloy is gold fused with other metals. Electrum is an alloy of gold and silver. Gold fused with nickel or palladium produces white gold. Jewelry oft... Read More »

What Is F75 Cobalt Alloy?

F75 cobalt alloy is an alloy containing three metals--cobalt, chromium and molybdenum. According to the Kalco Metals Material Safety Data Sheet, cobalt typically composes 63 to 68 percent of the to... Read More »

What is a heavy alloy?

The term "heavy alloy" refers to any alloy containing a significant quantity of a heavy metal. As John H. Duffus noted in his 2002 article on the subject, there is no generally agreed-upon definiti... Read More »

What is Arcap alloy?

Arcap alloys are a special type of corrosion-resistant alloy. Most environments, whether natural or chemical, do not affect them. Temperature changes and hard water do not compromise their structur... Read More »