What is the meaning of aesthetic development?

Answer Aesthetic development is a theory based on the research of Abigail Housen dealing with how people respond to art depending on their aesthetic development. Housen used in her research the ADI, or Ae... Read More »

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Activities for Aesthetic Development in Infants?

Aesthetic development deals with being artistic, learning to appreciate art and beauty, and being able to create art in any way that is pleasing. Aesthetic development can be encouraged early on i... Read More »

Why must you indentify the stages of development for children before planning for their aesthetic and creative?

Mainly because it may not be developmentally or age appropriate for the child, also each child has a different maturation state.

What is the meaning of physical development?

The term "physical development" refers to the standard physical changes the human body goes through as we grow from birth to adulthood. These changes are crucial to our being able to function in so... Read More »

How to Become an Aesthetic?

what is beautyAesthetics is a philosophy which focuses on beauty, value of things and art.