What is the meaning of a wedding unity candle?

Answer The lighting of the unity candle can symbolize a number of things, including honoring the memory of a loved one or the joining of two souls. The unity candle can also serve to make a wedding cerem... Read More »

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When to light a wedding unity candle?

In many wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom each use a candle to light one unity candle that symbolizes their transition from two separate people to one united pair. Unity candles are commonly ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the unity candle?

A unity candle is a large, decorative candle used in a wedding or commitment ceremony. Unity candles, while traditionally found in white, can be customized to suit any wedding theme, says the Ice S... Read More »

What is a unity candle ceremony?

According to Celebrate Intimate Weddings, the unity candle ceremony represents the joining of two lives. Two taper candles represent the individual lives of the bride and groom. The marriage partne... Read More »

What is the purpose of a unity candle?

In modern wedding ceremonies, a unity candle is a single candle lit by two other candles--one held by the bride and one held by the groom--symbolizing the creation of a new entity: one marriage mad... Read More »