I have what we think is a fledgeling sparrow on the back patio. Should we attempt ot feed it How What?

Answer A couple of years ago, some of the children at school brought me a baby sparrow--not yet fully feathered, certainly unable to fly. I called my vet, who told me to go to the pet store and buy baby ... Read More »

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Who sings"his eye is on the sparrow"?

According to the website Net Hymnal, the song "His Eye is on the Sparrow" was written by Charles H. Gabriel and Civilla D. Martin in 1905. Sung by singer Ethel Waters, who used it as the title to h... Read More »

How to Build a Sparrow House?

Birds are one of nature's most delightful species. Bird watchers and enthusiasts really enjoy watching and being around them. Back yards and landscapes which are bird-friendly will not lack for bir... Read More »

Symbolic Definitions of the Sparrow?

The sparrow, a common and dull-colored bird that nests in many domestic areas in the United States, has a lot of mythology and symbolism associated with it. Sparrows find a place in religious icono... Read More »

How to Make a Sparrow Nestbox?

House sparrows are friendly little birds who like to nest in the eaves of houses. Provide these little birds with a better nesting spot that won't be disturbed by cleaning.