What is the meaning of a rubber bracelet?

Answer Rubber bracelets come in a multitude of colors and often have words or short phrases pressed into them. What has become a platform for representing social issues, though, was once little more that ... Read More »

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What do rubber bracelet colors mean?

Rubber bracelet colors signify different causes, from AIDS to cancer, environmental issues to political views. While color determines what you are trying to represent, phrases have also been added ... Read More »

Rubber Bracelet Tutorial?

Making a bracelet is a wonderful way to demonstrate your unique style and taste. Rubber bracelets, in particular, can come in a variety of colors, sizes and textures. Joining two rubber bands or lo... Read More »

How to Create a Rubber Band Bracelet?

Get creative with an ordinary item of stationery – find a wide rubber band and turn it into a bracelet.

What is the meaning of an evil eye bracelet?

The concept of evil eye is ancient, and protective charms are still quite commonly. In many cases, evil eye stones or amulets are worn as jewelry to protect their wearers from negative energy.Signi... Read More »