What is the meaning of a ring with three bands intertwined?

Answer Rings have always been known to represent life's milestone, such as weddings and graduations. They also represent ones beliefs or religion--or they can just be a fashion statement.Three Bands Inter... Read More »

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The Meaning of Wedding Bands?

Wedding bands signify the married couple's perfect union and eternal oneness. As the couple pledges their love to one another, the bands or rings serve to seal these vows and act as a perpetual rem... Read More »

What is the meaning behind the exchanging of wedding bands?

The practice of exchanging wedding bands has been around for centuries. Although it was not always looked on favorably by the church, it is a custom that remained in the hearts of the majority and ... Read More »

What is the meaning of wearing rubber bands on the wrist?

Many people wear rubber bands on their wrists in an attempt to break a bad habit. Instead of partaking in the bad habit, wearers instead lightly snap the rubber band to remind themselves not to pe... Read More »

What is the meaning of mood ring?

Mood rings are a fun way to learn about your feelings and mood. They work by registering a color that supposedly represents your emotional state.Color MeaningsMood ring color charts vary slightly i... Read More »