What is the meaning of a peacock feather?

Answer In Buddhism and Hinduism, the peacock feather is often the symbol of worldly appearance. Rajahs in the 1800s were often signaled by a standard of peacock feathers, denoting their authority in this ... Read More »

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How to: Peacock Feather Necklace?

A peacock feather necklace is a wonderful do-it-yourself craft. While it looks elegant and expensive, it is a rather low-cost and easy piece of jewelry to make yourself. It requires just a small am... Read More »

What does a peacock feather represent?

A peacock is the male species of the peafowl family that displays its fan of feathers --also known as plumage--in an effort to attract a female, the peahen. It represents a courtship gesture uniqu... Read More »

What does a peacock feather symbolize?

I the west during the early twentieth century, peacocks and peacock feathers were considered unlucky and their flesh was thought to be poisonous (even though peacock had been eaten as a delicacy fo... Read More »

How to Make a Peacock Feather Barrette?

The visual appeal and rich jewel tones of peacock feathers are perpetually in style, making the feathers a fitting embellishment on hair accessories like barrettes. As a result, peacock-themed bar... Read More »