What is the meaning of a first borrower on a home loan?

Answer The first borrower on a home loan is usually the strongest borrower in a situation in which there are two or more borrowers on an application. The first borrower typically has the strongest credit ... Read More »

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If a car is stolen and it is still being paid for and the borrower does not have insurance on it but the bank has liability does the borrower still have to pay off the loan?

Just as with any other cost of doing business, When the expense is incurred in the course of production or service then those costs should be included in expenses.

Can I Get a Home Loan With No Money Down While Filing Bankruptcy With a Co-Borrower?

Buying a home with no money down with a co-borrower while filing for bankruptcy is a lot to accomplish all at once -- and probably impossible. It is highly doubtful that any mortgage company would ... Read More »

Does a loan cosigner have to pay the remaining fees if the borrower dies?

Yes, PRIVATE student requiring cosigners have none of the benefits of their federal student loan counterparts.... so if a student dies or becomes disabled and the loan has yet to be paid in full th... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of Home Loan?

A home loan, or mortgage, is a secured loan that borrowers obtain in order to purchase a home. Because a home is the largest purchase many individuals will ever make, most borrowers utilize home lo... Read More »