What is the meaning of a family surname?

Answer A surname, or family name, means last name. If someone is asked for their "family surname," it could mean their last name. The expression "family" name, in particular, may also be used to refer to ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the surname McCain?

Whether you're a member of the McCain clan or just interested in its history, this surname possesses a rich legacy. Like many, it reveals the family's country of origin, trans-Atlantic journey to A... Read More »

What is a surname meaning evil?

There are many surnames meaning evil, with nearly as much origins. Malus is a Latin surname meaning evil. Ubel is a German name meaning "evil one." Keres is Greek meaning "evil spirits."References:... Read More »

What is a surname meaning"warrior"?

There are a number of surnames that mean "warrior." For example, the surname Martin means warrior or warlike and has the same root as Mars, the Roman god of war. The name Carney comes from a Celtic... Read More »

What is the meaning of the surname Armani?

From 10th-century Italy to 21st-century America, the Armanis have a distinct place among the world's families. Counts, landowners, immigrants, lawyers and a world-renowned fashion designer claim me... Read More »