What is the meaning of a circle of salt?

Answer A circle of salt is one feature of Pagan/Wiccan spiritual tradition that is commonly referenced in the mainstream, often through books and movies. The practice of making a circle of salt is rooted ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the Vocaloid song Circle You, Circle You?

Well to explain this properly allow me to start off with what it is in reality, and then as a second part what the VOCALOID meaning of the song is so you get a better understanding:Kagome Kagome (a... Read More »

What is the Meaning of the Family Circle?

The family circle is a concept that involves all family members being welcome, loved and cared for. The idea of the family as a circle provokes an image of unity, stability and continuity of affect... Read More »

What is the symbolic meaning of a circle for love?

A circle symbolizes many things, from strength to the psyche. But what it means in the context of love is connectedness, wholeness, eternity and unity. It also stands for love under the banner of f... Read More »

What Special Relationship Is Seen Between the Radius of the Circle & the Line Tangent to the Circle?

A circle is a figure in which every point on the outside of a circle is an equal distance from the circle's center. The major properties of a circle include diameter, circumference, area, and radiu... Read More »