What is the meaning of VGA screen?

Answer VGA means Video Graphics Adapter or Video Graphics Array.(640 X 480 Mega Pixels) or (307,200 Mega Pixels)

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When talking about screen resolution,What is the meaning of p?

Old standard def was interlaced video. That means that a single frame of video was actually 2 seperate images interlaced together. The first image was all the odd lines of the frame, then the secon... Read More »

Is it in any way negative to have a full screen game running on one 27 inch screen whilst the second screen?

Cooling has nothing to do with it.You can imagine that it takes a lot of resources for your to computer (especially your videocard) to drive 2 different displays.That is at least, 2 different displ... Read More »

Emerson slide show red screen then green screen then blue screen how can i fix this?

It is in a test/service mode. You need to read the manual, or find a service manual to exit that mode.

The ratio of width to the height of the screen of an hdtv is 16 to 9 suppose a large screen hdtv has a 70-in diagonal screen find the width and the height of the screen?

If the ratio is 16:9, call the horizontal edge A and the vertical edge B. A=16x, B=9x. For a rightangled triangle, A2+B2=702. So (16x)2 + (9x)2 = 4900. From here:(16x)2 + (9x)2 = 4900256x2 + 81x2 =... Read More »