What is the origin of the name Shawn?

Answer The English boy's name Shawn is a variant of the Irish name Sean. Both names are a variant of the Hebrew name John, meaning "God is gracious," deriving from the French masculine name Jean. The name... Read More »

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What is Shawn Merriman siblings names?

1% give them up for adoption, 1/3 have an abortion and the rest keeps them.

What kind of car does Shawn drive in psych?

Shawn doesn't have a car, he drives a motorcycle. Gus's car, however, is a blue 2002 model Toyota Echo hatchback.

What jacket does Shawn Spencer wear in the episode 'feet don't kill me now'?

Who is Shawn Casey?

Shawn Casey, the CEO and developer of the Mining Gold Corporation, is a provider of services and media aimed at helping Internet entrepreneurs develop their Internet-based businesses. He currently ... Read More »