What is the meaning of Rx in prescriptions?

Answer There are a few theories regarding the meaning of the Rx symbol on prescription drugs. The most commonly held theory is that Rx is an abbreviation for the latin word "recipe," which means "to take.... Read More »

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What Prescriptions Can Get Rid of Under Eye Circles?

Under eye circles have been a cosmetic issue for many years. Some turn to prescription medication to remedy their appearance. The most widely used prescription ingredient is hydroquinone, which ha... Read More »

What to do if your prescriptions are stolen?

call the pharmacy ASAP and tell them so that they can be canceled and then re-issued to you...after calling, appear in person (or go in person in the first place,whichever is quickest,bring your id... Read More »

What do all the numbers mean for glasses prescriptions?

The numbers are a way of stating the power necessary to make the lenses,They are in units called diopters, and can be in - or + powers.For instance a prescription that reads :-2.50 - 1.25 x 180 , m... Read More »

Certain prescriptions are not covered by Medicaid or Medicare what can be done for those on a fixed income?

Answer Some of the Drug Manufacturers have programs for this. I think it's Wal Mart that just offered a $4 generic program. Try a google search.