What is the meaning of Irish knit sweater stitches?

Answer Hand knitting has been practiced in Ireland since the 17th century, and that country's knitters still produce some very beautiful and elegant designs. When many people think of an Irish-knit sweate... Read More »

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What do the Irish call a sweater?

Most English-speaking citizens of Ireland refer to sweaters as "jumpers." The Irish-language word for sweater is "geansai" and this term is also often used in Ireland. Other words are sometimes use... Read More »

What Kind of Machine Do I Need to Knit 18 Stitches Per Inch?

To knit 18 stitches per inch, you will need a standard gauge or fine gauge knitting machine and some fine knitting yarn to load it with. Electronic knitting machines are the easiest way to set your... Read More »

How to Knit a Sweater Shrug?

If you are relatively new to knitting, a sweater shrug is an appropriate first-garment project. If you can cast on, knit and purl, you can make a simple shrug. A sweater shrug keeps your arms warm ... Read More »

How to Spool Knit a Doll's Sweater?

This delightful little doll's sweater is made by spool knitting with flat web.