What is the meaning of Bloom's Taxonomy?

Answer Bloom's Taxonomy is an educational method for classifying the level of critical thinking necessary to complete a task. It is commonly used by teachers to help their students access higher level thi... Read More »

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Who is the father of taxonomy?

The "Father of Taxonomy" is the title given to the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778). Linnaeus developed his system of categorizing and naming living things (the "Systema Naturae," which w... Read More »

How to Use Bloom's Taxonomy?

Bloom's Taxonomy is a great way to help you learn new things and determine if you you understand the information fully or not.

What is Bloom's Taxonomy?

Bloom's Taxonomy is a classification system commonly used in curriculum development in all levels of education. It is particularly useful for developing test questions and standards of learning.His... Read More »

How to Set up Taxonomy in Drupal?

Drupal's taxonomy feature is designed to help you categorize content -- whether with tags like those on a blog or with standard categories. Getting started and setting up your taxonomy in Drupal is... Read More »