What is the meaning of American Indian art?

Answer American Indian art respects indigenous, first-nation cultural practices. The meaning of symbols in American Indian art varies according to tribe and location, although some use of symbols overlap... Read More »

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What is the old cartoon that featured a Native American Indian Involved was a crying sequence and the voice of the Indian was the same as the voice of Homer Simpson's angel from Whacking Day?

Winkey-Dink and you, or winkey dink, for short. I can imagine this could damage the then expensive TV screens if practiced enough.


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What is the meaning of the Indian flag?

The national flag of India was adopted in 1947 and is familiar to many, but relatively few people know the meanings that lie behind the symbols and colors.ColorsThe Indian flag is made up of three ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the indian national anthem?

The national anthem of India is called the Jana Gana Mana after the Brahmo hymn from which it derives. It was first sung at the Calcutta Session of the Indian National Congress in December 1911 and... Read More »