What is the meaning of 50 years in condominium?

Answer Without a context or more information, the only answer can be 50 years is 50 years. Answer There are two meanings of the word condominium as follows: In Real Estate and Property Law: A condominium ... Read More »

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A condominium a sinking fund to accumulate 250000 in 3 years The fund earns 9 interest pa compounded monthly If there are 200 units in the condominium how much each owner unit will payeach month?

Each unit owner will be required to pay $26.69 monthly for 3 years or 36 payments.. That amount of money will accumulate to $213,802 in those t3 years at a 9% compounded rate, or $36,198 in accumul... Read More »

What is the meaning of condominium?

It's like an apartment, but people own the living spaces instead of renting them.

What is the meaning of the word condominium?

In Real Estate and Property Law: A condominium is defined as a building or complex in which units of property, such as apartments, are owned by individuals and common parts of the property, such as... Read More »

What happens to the condominium owner if the building collapsed in a matter of years?

Any owner of a condominium is obligated to read and understand the governing documents for the association where the owner owns real estate property. Governing documents cover reserve requirements... Read More »