What is the meaning of the name anna grace?

Answer The girl’s name Anna Grace is a compound name. Anna, a variant of the Hebrew name Hannah, means God was gracious or God has shown favor. The name Grace derives from the Latin “gratia,” meanin... Read More »

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What is the origin of the name Anna?

The origin of the name Anna dates back to Old Testament times, but the name Anna did not become commonly used until the 18th century. The name Anna also has South Asian origins with different meani... Read More »

Who is Anna Morris-Ord?

A Shark on c4's shipwrecked. She was in metal band Mojo's House before she arrived on the islands.

How to Act Like Anna Kyoyama?

How to be the roughest toughest chick in the anime and manga Shaman King.

How old is Anna Keller?

Josh and Anna got engaged on Anna's 20th birthday. She promised God she would not be engaged/married before she turned 20. They had a short engagement so she is probably still 20.