What is the meaning behind the last name Harris?

Answer According to the Search for Ancestors website, a surname like Harris, commonly known as a last name, is "a fixed name shared in common with the members of a family and is passed down from generatio... Read More »

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Susan Harris wrote the episode where Maude has an abortion which may explain why Bea Arthur was cast in what show that Harris created?

Golden Girls Susan Harris, who created Golden Girls and wrote the abortion episode of Maude

Who is Kim Harris?

Kim Harris, occasionally known by the nickname "Babydoll," is an African-American female professional body builder from Atlanta, Georgia and Huntington Beach, California. Ms. Harris is recognized ... Read More »

What is bob harris's BBC address?

Did Mary Harris have any siblings?

The disadvantages of being the first born child are just as plentiful as the advantages. The parents of a first born are obviously not experienced in raising a child, so many mistakes will occur. A... Read More »