What is the meaning behind Fat Tuesday?

Answer Although Fat Tuesday, otherwise known as Mardi Gras, has become known as a rather wild party, the celebration actually has strong roots in Christianity and is intrinsically linked with the Christma... Read More »

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What does see you next Tuesday mean?

When someone says "See you next Tuesday," it can mean just that--they will see you on the following Tuesday. However, it has an insulting connotation that refers to a crass word for the female geni... Read More »

When is pancake tuesday?

I am soo scared for tuesday...........?

Honey I WOULD NEVER avoid you because of anything you may do. You are a beautiful girl and no one should ever avoid you because of anything, please know I am not like that, I am not a fake person a... Read More »

What is the name Catholics use for Fat Tuesday?

Although the day before Lent is commonly called "Fat Tuesday," or "Mardi Gras," the more traditional name (in the English-speaking world, at least) is "Shrove Tuesday." This name comes from the ver... Read More »