What is the meaning or origin of 'shazbot?

Answer Not sure whether it had a particular meaning for someone in its origin, but it is a 'fictional?' word 'invented?' and used in the 1970's TV sitcom, "Mork and Mindy," starring, whom is now a well-kn... Read More »

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What is the origin& meaning of the name Eran?

The male name Eran is of a Hebrew descent. The meaning of this name is "alert," "roused," or "awakened." It also has a Biblical meaning for someone who is "a follower."References:Baby Name Addicts... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin, or CO, is a document used to authenticate the country of origin of merchandise being shipped. The Certificate of Origin may be required because of established Treaty arrang... Read More »

What is the meaning of country of origin?

A person's country of origin is the country in which they were born. "Country of origin" is also sometimes referred to as "fatherland," "mother country," "native land" or "old country."References:F... Read More »

What is the origin& meaning of the name Fritz?

The boy’s name Fritz is a pet name for the German Friedrich, itself a variant of Frederick, from the German meaning “peaceful ruler.” Fritz is also sometimes used as a girl’s name.Reference... Read More »