What's the meanest thing someone has ever said to you ?

Answer dunno anything towards me that was mean HAAA ive heard a lot more but one time i called this girl a fatass cuz she's overweight and very sensitive about it. i told her no one likes her and that she... Read More »

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What Is The Rudest, Meanest Thing Someone Has Said About You Being Pregnant?

Congratulations to you.... You know what people are like they comment about anything apart from there own lives. I've given up listening now . I'm currently 8 wks with my second child, (father num... Read More »

Whats the meanest thing you as a waiter/waitress have done to a customer?

Although I have never, never, never, ever, never, ever done anything to a customers food I have seen other employees do some things. The worst was at a pizza place I worked at. A woman complained... Read More »

Who are the meanest actors/actresses?

I hear Christian Bale throws a mean tantrum . And Mel Gibson is kind of a tyrant. Lots of A-list actresses get unreasonable amenities wherever they go. Apparently Justin Bieber wants to give him a ... Read More »

Who was the meanest drill instructor in the marines?

SSgt Dantzler, MCRD San Diego Plt 3097 07/98-10/98