What is the mean rent cost for a 1 bedroom condominium in Brooklyn ny?

Answer A real estate agent in Brooklyn, New York, can answer your question.

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How much dose a 1 bedroom rent cost in Zurich-shared or 1bedroom apartment.?

You can check out on a website called Immoscout ch also check the websites of newspapers for adds.The website might be easier to handle since there is an English version available to read the newsp... Read More »

Is it ok to have only 1 return air vent located in a downstairs bedroom of a 2 story condominium prob not so would it be ok to relocate it outside the bedroom in the entry hall AC thermostat is up?

Your question is two-fold: one to be answered by your board and another to be answered by an expert in HVAC matters. As to your condominium: before you install any air vent, it will be a good idea ... Read More »

How do I find a place to rent in Brooklyn?

InternetSurf the Internet for websites that list places to rent in Brooklyn. Websites are either free or charge a fee to view their listings. Some free popular websites are, NewY... Read More »

Do condominium buildings hold their value better if they do not allow the owners to rent them?

Condominium buildings and thus units within them hold their value if renters live there as though they were owners, fully informed of the guidelines contained in the governing documents, but withou... Read More »