What is the mean income in Texas for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Answer In Texas, for cases filed after March 15, 2009, the median income for a single wage earner is $38,545; for a family of two, it is $54,908; for three, $57,053; and for four, $66,400. Add $6,900 for ... Read More »

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What Is Discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Texas?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be the antidote to an overwhelming debt burden. If the bankruptcy court accepts your petition, many of your debts will be "discharged"--wiped out of existence. However, the... Read More »

What is the median family income amount in Washington for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

As of June 2010 in Washington, the median income for a single person was $51,161. For a two-person household, it was $63,930. For three people, it was $72,275, and for four people, it was $82,422. ... Read More »

In Pa in chapter 7 bankruptcy can person use Federal Bankruptcy Exemtion to keep 120000 paid off condominium if this is only asset and only projected income is 238 monthly?

Refer to your last similar Q.Yes you have a 125K Federal Homestead Exemption.Yes you have issues that need to be protected by an attorney in the BK process (any creditor will have one and they will... Read More »

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Income Limitations?

In 2005, the United States Congress passed bankruptcy reform legislation that created stricter income limitations for Chapter 7 bankruptcies. The legislation was called the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevent... Read More »