What is the maxium limit for financial AID and grants ?

Answer A grant is not a loan. The 46K is the limit on federal loans... not "financial aid" as you are asking.If you ask, what is the lifetime limit on federal loans? I would say $46,000 (See attached pag... Read More »

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My School Said I Exceeded My Financial Aid Limit: What Can I Do?

Schools have to abide by specific policies regarding financial aid, including a few types of limits. If you have received a notification that you have exceeded the limit for financial aid, you need... Read More »

What Is the Financial Responsibility Limit in California?

The state of California has an obligatory financial responsibility law that requires every driver and/or owner of a vehicle to prove their ability to pay for damages at the time they are involved i... Read More »

Is there a limit to how many semesters federal financial aid will fund for?

Yes, you have to meet your college's satisfactory academic progress requirements. Usually people get in trouble with this because they have too low of a GPA or complete too few of their classes. ... Read More »

Is there a federal limit on interest that financial places can charge?

Individual states govern the usury limit, capping interest rates that may be charged. In 1978, national banking institutions were allowed to charge rates applicable to the state of the card company... Read More »